Latent exhiliration.
Friday, September 17, 2004
Monday morning we had a meeting with one of our distributors, which involved one of my co-workers seriously berating them for some out-standing technical issues that were not previously brought up. It made me uncomfortable to sit there watching, but it's hard for me to fight against that sort of verbal trickery. I'm glad Y-san was there to bring the conversation back to topic several times.

What K-san said was relevant, and true, but his style was unneccesarily antagonistic.

I went on a customer visit with one of our disti salesmen today. He's a gentle man with a curved back and mild voice, who studied in the United States, so his English is rather good as well. I mentioned that K-san gets excited very easily, and he laughed. "People came up after the meeting, poked me and said 'for what purpose did we just have that meeting?'" He said. I have made a new friend.

Work is progressing well, and though I am getting busier, I often feel more energetic because I am ahppily engaged in activity with others, this being the reason I am awake at 1:21am without having drunk anything caffienated particularly late. I am becoming more effective - contributing more to those around me, and feeding off the bliss of growth and the glory of action.

But last weekend I was terribly lonely. I recouped Sunday, sleeping late, napping in the afternoon, then going to bed early.

My moods vascillate, and I find it rather exhilirating... each downturn in mood here has so far been followed by an upturn.

It's not just for work that I have been happy this week, but I don't feel like writing about that now.

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