Latent exhiliration.
Wednesday, March 16, 2005
At the pool Monday, I saw a father hit his son for having trouble taking off his swim trunk.
The child cried.
"Don't be stupid. Just take it off. Yes. There you go."
And the father was cool and calm as the child cried and worked awkwardly to take off his swim trunk.

And I am complicit because I said nothing.
Why are people so blind?

"How do you teach a child to be sensitive?" I asked a friend.
"Children as they grow, without knowing it, become like their parents, even if they don't want to. Show your child sensitivity, and he will grow to become like you."

Perhaps you've noticed how children can resemble their parents, but have you ever noticed how grandchildren can resemble their grandparents, even as personality traits skip a generation? There's something interesting here. We are tied into the same patterns, as a family.

Kindnesses and good habits will propagate through generations, and a spank given for no reason can break a child, leaving reverberations through time.

The effect in a family is an amplified effect of our daily interactions. If we are kind to our fellow man, he will be kind to others. Rudeness will beget rudeness. Let us be kind to each other.

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