Latent exhiliration.
Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Spring sun strikes and warms the Tokyo in the early morning and daytime to release the latent exhiliration of slumbering natural floral arrangements that drink the light and smile with color at each other, and they are imitated by passers-by who are in tune with the changing season and have shed their wintry woolen wraps for bright beaming blouses and who echo the latent exhiliration and sometimes let it blossom upon their faces in a beaming smile.

And a winter spent with clouded mind under cloudy skies and days cut short by the cold yields to days made longer by the warmth and my state of mind clears like the weather has been today, and I am content.

And I want to steep in this spring to bask in memories that will sustain me through cloudy days and chilly nights that will come again.

But now! Spring's first winds prophecize the renaissance of half forgotten inner percolations of plants and animals and japanese stores selling summer clothing for ladies, gentlemen, and canines. We are part of the cycle of years that stretch continuously back to the beginning of earth. (though each year is a new variation on the theme) and how wonderous it is to be incarnated as YOU are, as a human, to focus the sunny rays of reality upon your un-nervous nervous system and PERCEIVE that things can be wonderful or sad or sweet or bitter... anything but like the marble David in florence, who though inheritor of the energy of michelangelo, observes the changing of the seasons with the same stone facedness.

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