Latent exhiliration.
Thursday, April 29, 2010
My boss and I agreed that I would work til the end of May.
It took a lot of courage for me to work up to having the conversations necessary to bring this about.

Now, I can relax and enjoy what time at work I have left. I can relax because instead of thinking "When am I going to choose my last day at work?" I can turn to concentrating at the work at hand. There are a lot of things I will miss about work - and this is the way it should be. If there were nothing that I would miss, what am I to make of the past six years that I have been working in this job?

My company launched a product publicly last week, and just today, a customer emailed me asking me for some samples. Just me. Nobody in the CC. And I realize that it is because he trusts me. He knows I can get the samples for him. I was the name that came to mind, though he has met other people at my company.

After speaking with my boss, after getting started on the paperwork that will bring about the end. This one simple email from a customer symbolizes so much.

I know years from now I will look back on this time, and be happy for what relationships I have built.

And what I build from now, I know it will be even better. :)

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